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The Experience of J.H. Fisher Construction-1
The Experience of J.H. Fisher Construction-1







About Jeff


the EXPERIENCE you deserve

There are construction managers and there are builders. A manager is one who may organize and orchestrate but has little or no hands on experience. They rely 100% on others field experience to create, design, and resolve daily problems. They may get the job done on time and in budget but they are crossing their fingers hoping their subcontractors have done it right.

I have 30 years experience in residential construction and remodeling. I spent 9 years day in and day out mastering carpentry and residential framing. I have learned through field experience what to look for in a footing, foundation and frame... the benchmark of a home.

My subcontractors know, respect, and appreciate my experience in home building. Most of them have been with me 10 years or more and some of them 20 years. We are constantly challenging each other and working together to bring the superior homes we are known for.